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About Me

Yep, all three pictures are of this goon who loves creating content. I go by Sam because I didn't know my first name was Ione (pronounced ai-o-knee) until I stepped into kindergarten. 


I started expanding my skills and hobbies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I graduated with a degree in Communication and a certificate in Film Studies in 2018. As I burned my eyes by watching multiple movies a week, I worked at the Fine Arts Center as a graphic designer during my time at college. Not only did I create material for the FAC but I was also an Audio Technical Assistant and hosted film festivals. 

Upon graduating, I found myself working at a local church making videos and posters for their college fellowship. Then eventually I entered a director's role for that ministry and I had to find another job as a Special Education Paraprofessional at a local school. Even though I had to balance both professions, I still found time to work on creating content with clients and friends. 

Then with the pandemic hitting, I had to convert the church to the digital age, spearheading what live streaming would look like. There I would find myself recording and editing every single week to ensure the church had a service to partake in. Heck, even during the pandemic I had to run an entire livestream for a wedding which was rather exciting.

But now as I head out from my area, I'm still editing videos and seeking to see what my next career can teach me. I'm excited to meet new people and to also continue growing as a multi-media producer

About my logo


My name, Ione means violet flower in Greek. For the longest time, it took a lot for me to accept that this was my name. Growing up, all I heard were mispronunciations and confusion when people asked why that was my name.

I finally embraced it because it's so different and unique and that's truly who I am at the end of the day. Also, by pure coincidence (my parents really didn't plan this), my sister's name is actually Iris (another purple flower)!

I did my research on types of violet flowers and I settled on the balloon flower. Looking into it, it's a summer flower that represents unwavering love, obedience and honesty.


I hope that I can bring all three aspects to whatever and whoever I work with.

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